Ricovero's Kitchen Set Spatula & Brush Stainless Steel and Heat resistant, non-scratching Silicone Tip

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  • - SILICONE SPATULA WILL NOT SCRATCH OR DAMAGE any cooking surface. The Silicone tip is very bendable and flexible yet with little pressure you will be able to work with them on all your projects from baking to cooking, to flipping and separating.
  • - NO MORE REGULAR HAIR BRUSH IN YOUR PLATES: Ricovero's Silicone Brush does not break or loose any hairs, being safer and worry free while cooking, each super flexible silicone bristle will not break, melt or warp, will not build odors or retain food smell, mold or Bacteria and spreads better with better coverage. Each Brush contains 5 Rows of 17 Silicone Bristles making it the best brush there is.
  • - HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE TIP BRUSH: is ideal for BBQ's, Baking and Cooking a MUST for the weekend grills!
  • - Dishwasher safe, FDA Approved
  • - RICOVERO IS BEHIND YOU: Our products are made with the best materials and quality, If you are not satisfied with them or any manufacturers defect we will replace them for Life!. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

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Ricovero's Stainless Spatulas & Brush Set are made with 100% food grade Stainless Steel and BPA Free heat resistant Nylon tips. They will not burn or damage in any way your cooking utensils and pans. Being 10 inches long gives you the perfect length to control and handle the foods without getting burned. the NON-Scratching silicone tip is heat resistant up to 480 F. Ideal for cooking or baking